The family tradition at Thousand Acres began over a half century ago, when the Smith family purchased the property not long after Deep Creek, a tributary of the Yougheghleny River, was impounded to create Deep Creek Lake. Beginning in the early 1950's the Smith family has developed and sold limited portions of the Thousand Acres shoreline to individual homeowners and to a private yacht club. The existing network of roads within the property have been upgraded and expanded. Private roads provide access to the homes that have been built on this quiet section of Deep Creek Lake's southern shoreline.

The Smith family's established legacy of environmental stewardship is being carefully preserved on Thousand Acres to ensure that the property will retain its unique heritage and beautiful natural character. The golf course and all community amenities and residential areas will be designed to protect and enhance the environment, including significant wetlands, streams, and springs found in the native forests of Thousand Acres. Carefully controlled land development will keep Thousand Acres Community at Deep Creek Lake in harmony with its natural surroundings.

The family has now brought in Barton Development Group to revive and complete this unique property making it the area's only true master planned community. Read more about the Barton Development group here.